DIY Projects!

Nursery paintings in baby boy room

With the new addition to the family I have been fairly busy therefore haven’t been able to post. But, I fully intend on posting on a more frequent basis. 

I have been working on a few DIY projects to decorate my son’s nursery and we decided to go with a Star Wars theme! I hope I get plenty of thumbs up from all the Star Wars fans out there! And I don’t know about you guys but is everyone aware of Star Wars celebration coming to the US in 2017??? I’m soo excited!! Okay…moving on.

I made these small canvas paintings in order to decorate the nursery myself versus buying because I prefer to make my own when I can it just has more meaning when I make it myself.

It was fairly easy to do with the help of my Cricut explore and some sticker sheets I had laying around. I simply found silhouettes of the characters and symbols that I wanted to do  online and from there used my Cricut explore to do the cut outs on my sticker sheet. I used the cutouts in order to prevent the paints from covering the whole surface of the canvas and therefore leaving behind an untouched surface  that resulted in the silhouette being on the canvas as well. 

Quick list of my supplies:

  • Canvases 12×16 (set of 5) bought them at Michaels
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • 8 1/2 x 11″ sticker sheets
  • Cricut Explore

Once I had my placement the way I wanted I chose the colors for each painting and began painting. Make sure to not make the paint too watered down because it will soak through the sticker paper and shift the image. I went with acrylic paints because that is just what I preferred. 

I allowed for plenty of time for the paint to dry before removing the sticker because if you remove too soon the paint will seep into the portions that you do not want to have paint in.

And finally, the end result!!

Hope my creations inspire you to create !!


The overwhelming days of reorganization have arrived!

With the new upcoming changes in my life I had never imagined how much my husband and I had to “reorganize” not only in our lives but in our home. We live in a 4 bedroom house and yes! To the average person you would think we have plenty of room to make room for a new baby. But, we have now discovered how much “stuff” we truly have which currently was easily occupying all the bedrooms. One was set up as a home office for my husband who used to work from home, the other is what we designated as the “animal room” where we have our exotic pets cages, our master bedroom and then the last room which is…..well, was my craft room….now it’s the scene of a natural disaster.

We have been soo focused on making sure to clear out the future nursery that I haven’t devoted any time in reorganizing my craft room so that I can continue to use it to its fullest potential. I seriously need help!!!

I was lucky before that I could utilize the closets in the other rooms to store things I didn’t use as much but, now I don’t have a choice but to either donate, toss or find a new home for all of this “stuff”.

Anyone have suggestions??? I’m trying to brainstorm the best way to utilize this space and make it as efficient as possible. Any brainstorming ideas would be helpful. Maybe it will trigger a “lightbulb” in order for me to better organize my craft room! In need of serious help!!


My Inspirations onto Canvas

Feeling artistic!

I woke up this morning wanting to make it a productive day. But not in the typical definition of productive where I clean, complete my list of errands and have dinner ready before my husband gets home from work. I wanted to make it a productive ART day! I had a pile of blank canvases piling up in my craft room as well as a collection of acrylic paints that I would buy anytime there was a sale at Michaels. I decided today would be the day to put all those things to use….So I did!!

Feeling the abstract with bright colors.

Feeling the abstract with bright colors.

I’m no Van Gogh or Monet but I just wanted to take the time to put one of the many paint brushes I had onto canvas and see what would come of it. I am very happy with the results! I was soo happy with how the first one turned out that I had to continue and make another one!

Abstract depictions of my favorite Things!

For anyone who is a fan as much as I am!

I didn’t think it would come out looking as good as it did! And to believe I created the outline by hand and for it to look as good as it did i was in shock! For being someone who just loves being creative at home I felt the need to share and show how productive my day truly was! My favorite and last creation though took me the longest.

Perspective on Canvas

Couldn’t help myself, just had to paint it!

So, what do you think??

Planners and Listers Unite!!

Getting ready the night before the big day!!

Getting ready the night before the big day!!

Meeting the Reset Girl and other Planner addicts!

I was lucky to hear about this get together when I did, It was all by accident actually. I was making my monthly trip to Whim So Doodle and the reason that it is monthly is only because it is an hour away from where I live. But, as I walked in the door I saw they had calendars of the monthly guests that offer classes and to my surprise Cori aka TheResetGirl was going to be there!! I was so excited I couldn’t even focus on shopping for the awesome things I originally had my mind set on. Going to this event just made my day it was exciting to be able to talk to other planner addicts and listers in person versus just through photos and comments on Instagram. It was AWESOME, if I’m going to be perfectly honest. If you are unfamiliar with TheResetGirl you can easily find her on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and she has her own website as well. She began the listersgottalist challenge which has just become absolutely HUGE in the planner and crafting community.

It was amazing meeting her she is so down to earth and by talking to her you can definitely see the true passion that she has for this community and being such a large influence in it. Her story just blew my mind, how she has come so far so quickly. Also, she was able to give me so many tips and tricks to use in my planner as well as motivation to continue with my listing because in the end it can be treated as a way of recording and creating future memories for future generations. She convinced me to also create a goal planner where I can create a list of goals that I would like to accomplish and anytime I feel down or discouraged it is a perfect way to pick my head up and encourage myself to keep going.

#ListersGottaList Tutorial

The first tutorial was the ListersGottaList; tips and tricks to keeping yourself going completing your lists and doing things in order to make yourself more efficient. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is a challenge that Cori aka TheResetGirl had created for those of us that love to make lists. Every month she creates a list of prompts to follow for each day of the month and then you create your list in anyway that you would like, it is about self expression and creating memories. The best part was the part I did not expect which was the goody bag waiting for us when everyone arrived.


The goody bag consisted of:

  • Reset Girl listing stickers
  • The Reset Girl travelers notebook insert
  • ListersGottaList sticker organizer
  • embellishment die cut pack
  • roller phrase stamp
  • stamp pad
  • card pockets

I was oh so happy! I love anything that helps me organize all of my artsy goodies! It was just the “frosting to the cake” so to speak. The group there were all absolutely wonderful some had been working on listing from the beginning and others were completely new to the challenge but either way we all had a blast sharing our passions and our true obsessions with this community that no one else truly understands!

LGL Cover

The cover of the ListersGottaList exclusive list that Cori created for everyone who attended the tutorial

LGL first list

The first list I chose out of the list of prompts that she had created for us

Play in Your Planner Tutorial

This tutorial brought in a few new people into the room which got me excited all over again! More people to meet! Woohoo! In this tutorial yet again Cori aka TheResetGirl had another goody bag for everyone, I couldn’t control myself with how excited I was!


The Planner Kit consisted of:

  • Reset Girl stickers
  • Reset Girl washi ring
  • Reset Girl travelers notebook
  • Reset Girl sticker organizer book

I definitely loved absolutely all of it especially the washi ring because I was actually considering getting it! It was like a dream come true. During, the tutorial Cori aka TheResetGirl gave us tons of tips on how to decorate and utilize your planner to the fullest. The best part was that she took the time to show us a variety of planners so that we could have a better idea of what each planner has to offer and for us to figure out which one would work best for each of us. She gave us the secret to creating sturdy long lasting dividers and her recommendations on which supplies to use in your planner. All I can say is she has opened my mind to so much more and therefore I am gonna have to do some heavy duty shopping!

Answering questions

Answering questions

At the end of the night it was bittersweet and everyone said their goodbyes and of course, I definitely made sure to show my appreciation to Cori for all that she does and what an inspiration she is to not only me but, I am sure to so many other planner girls out there. If you haven’t heard of her I encourage you to look her up especially if you love planners and listing as much as I do you won’t regret it!

And if any of you live in Florida take the time to stop by Whim So Doodle it is an amazing store and everyone there is always so welcoming its like having a crafty family! I know that no matter how bad of a day I may have going there will always bring a smile to my face!!

Thank you Cori aka TheResetGirl for coming to Florida it was an amazing evening meeting you and seeing what and absolutely amazing and beautiful person you truly are!!

If you are a Planner Girl and would love to join a group in the Tampa Bay area Join us on Facebook!

Few of my Favorite Planner Things

Being new to the whole Planner community I have found that there are an infinite amount of ways to organize and set up your planner. Not only was I absolutely clueless on what to really use and not use, but I felt overwhelmed with all the options. Do I want multiple planners? Do I want just one? How should I organize it? What supplies would I prefer? The list of questions I asked myself could go on and on, but finally through trial and error I discovered what worked for me.
WashiWashi 2

Choosing a Planner

I decided to go with a Filofax because I loved the quality and the size of it, though I went with an A5 which is the largest it still fits within my Coach purse which works out perfectly! I love to carry it with me wherever I go, U never know when an idea will come to mind. There are of course, smaller sizes available with Filofax. If you find them to be pricey there are a few other brands you can consider:

  • Webster Pages
  • Erin Condren
  • Kikki k
  • Inkwell Press and many more!

Deciding on Dividers

As I was trying to figure out what would work ideally for me I went through numerous videos on Youtube and Instagram photos to figure out what I would use or not use. And though at first I though all of the different ways of categorizing would work for me I cam to figure out that only a few fit into my everyday and what I truly wanted to keep track of.


My categories came down to:

  • Calendar –Β Monthly, Weekly pages
  • Home – Meal planning, To Do list, Weekly chore list
  • Social Media – Blog Ideas, Social Media following
  • Crafts – Tracking craft projects, Project planning
  • Important – Password logs, Birthdays, Order Tracking
  • Mixed – Wishlist, Bucket List, Books to Read, Movies to watch

Planner supplies:

I absolutely LOVE colors you can say I’m kinda obsessed. Sooo when it comes to supplies I went a little bit crazy shopping for them. For example, when it comes to pens I couldn’t begin to tell you how many I have. Aside from pens I also have tabs, stamps, stickers and tape. But again it all depends on what you prefer and what works best for you.

Few of my favorites:

  • Paper mate Flair Pens
  • Post it tabs
  • Sharpie Retractable highlightersPlanner supplies
  • Washi Tape
  • Stickers
  • mini Scissors
  • Hole Puncher (if you design your own inserts)
  • Pencil case

And when it is all said and done don’t just look at having a planner is out of pure necessity. I love having one not only because it keeps my life organized but also because I enjoy having it to document my ideas and keep track of those birthdays that I always forget!


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