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My Inspirations onto Canvas

Feeling artistic!

I woke up this morning wanting to make it a productive day. But not in the typical definition of productive where I clean, complete my list of errands and have dinner ready before my husband gets home from work. I wanted to make it a productive ART day! I had a pile of blank canvases piling up in my craft room as well as a collection of acrylic paints that I would buy anytime there was a sale at Michaels. I decided today would be the day to put all those things to use….So I did!!

Feeling the abstract with bright colors.

Feeling the abstract with bright colors.

I’m no Van Gogh or Monet but I just wanted to take the time to put one of the many paint brushes I had onto canvas and see what would come of it. I am very happy with the results! I was soo happy with how the first one turned out that I had to continue and make another one!

Abstract depictions of my favorite Things!

For anyone who is a fan as much as I am!

I didn’t think it would come out looking as good as it did! And to believe I created the outline by hand and for it to look as good as it did i was in shock! For being someone who just loves being creative at home I felt the need to share and show how productive my day truly was! My favorite and last creation though took me the longest.

Perspective on Canvas

Couldn’t help myself, just had to paint it!

So, what do you think??